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We design and develop awesome apps for Web and Mobile

About Us

The Squadroon is a Software Development company in Alexandria Egypt, that provides its customers with a full-spectrum of software services with a focus on Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Machine learning, and IoT. Squadroon serves businessmen, small and Medium Enterprises SMEs and acts as an outsourcing destination for large software firms all over the world.

  • We design and develop awesome apps for Web and Mobile
  • We build elegant and functional solutions using Ruby on Rails, React.js and more.
  • We deliver apps essentials at your finger tips. Functional, flawless and easy to use.

Squadroon offers many development services with multi technologies depend on the project major we decided which technology is the best for the project, We keep the product top of mind as we go about creating cutting-edge technology solutions.


Product idea might well be the only thing required to start working with us. You have one already? Let's bring it to life together!

  • 01 Strong expertise

    With Ruby on Rails and JS frameworks being our core area of expertise, our RoR experts stay on the cutting edge of the newest and most effective technology trends. In 2018, we also launched Mobile direction and since then released a number of really beautiful successful apps on the market.

  • Squadroon culture is all about continuous improvement, finding better ways to do things, and increasing quality. We make it possible via two things. First is the new approaches that we adapt to our needs. And second is the new technologies that we become experts in. All this allows Squadroon developers to stay agile, and be on time with everything.

  • A large part of the Squadroon culture is contributing to the engineering community and this is being done in many different ways: through blogs, conferences, open-source, knowledge sharing sessions, and even our own products that are aimed at increasing other teams’ productivity.


Core Values

What makes a truly great team out of Railswarians is they share the same culture, same values, and same core qualities.

Great Products

Perhaps the largest part of Squadroon vision is building awesome products for both ourselves and our clients. The way we build them has been revised numerous time over the past 7 years - we've experimented, explored new approaches, and worked on making the whole process better from A to Z. What we have now is very close to what we were aiming at.

Friends & Partners to our Cients

Building great products would not be even closely possible without making friends with our clients. It is more like we're building a business together, as opposed to just work-for-hire. They trust us to give them good advice and guidance and totally turn over the technical part to us focusing on the business side.


Below are all the areas we are experts in. Areas where we collaborate with our clients and help them build great products. Pick up the ones that fit you most.

Web Development

Web applications development is our core area of expertise and passion. We build elegant and functional web solutions using Ruby on Rails, React.js, and more. Simple and intuitive or extensive and complex - we can build it with you.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications are a relatively young direction we launched, but already boasting quite a few beautiful apps in our portfolio. We deliver apps essentials at your fingertips. Functional, flawless, and easy to use.

UI / UX Design

Squadroon is not only a company of engineers but a company of designers as well. Our experts in UI/UX passionately create a consistent user experience and work close to our Ruby on Rails engineers.

On-Site Training

With years of experience organizing and managing both large and small Ruby on Rails teams, we will leverage our expertise to help you establish a local development.

Call To Action

We're a pleasure to hear from you. Squadroon support you any time, estimate, analysis, test and build your project.


We've worked with more than 20 organizations and firms in different fields. We've also designed and built our own digital products. We keep the product top of mind as we go about creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

  • All
  • App
  • Web
  • Both

Yousuf eCommerce

Fantastic eCommerce with multi-vendor and multi-purpose.

Bnaya CRM

Bnaya is a Powerful CRM tool in real estate firms.

Dokkan El Osra online shopping

For easy online shopping and delivered to the home, the user can choose the products in the quantity he wants.

Real estates finder

Gallery to show all properties and flats, you can also ask request to any type of estates

Gallery to show all your properties

Fantastic dashboard to follow employees and customers, Gallery to show properties and flats.

Grocery store

Fantastic grocery store for multi-purpose.

Questionnaire Law Firm

Law firm licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia - based in Riyadh.

CRM for Real Estates

CRM Cover buildings, customers, employees, human resources, and customers service.


We are pleased to hear from you. Squadroon supports you anytime.


AL Lowa' Yosry Qamhah St., Flemig, Raml section, Alexandria.


+2 0112 5039 123 — +2 0106 6560 321

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